Watch out for this one!
Tick bite

Bug protection that works!!

2007 was a real bad year for a number of our fly fishing friends. They got Lyme disease and some were even misdiagnosed and ended up with a very serious and painful episode of arthritis and other symptoms in which they are still taking medication to this day. They probably got exposed while fly fishing walking through high grass at the waters edge.

Wisconsin is now a leader in the number of cases and everyone one should be keenly aware of the symptoms along with taking precautions to limit exposure. Total protection should include topical application to the exposed skin and a clothing spray applied to your fishing shirts, pants, and top of your waders at very beginning of the fishing season.

Deet products are the most effective skin applications and for some reason a product called Skintastic (sunscreen/deet combination seams to be the most effective of all! It is available from Johnson Wax in a bright orange squeeze container. Apply in the A.M. and it last all day….nothing bites you! Something about the combination that makes this an amazing product……
best I ever used!

A pyrethrum clothing spray available as REPEL PERMANONE found in sports stores, Gander Mountain Wal Mart, etc. Should be applied to your fishing shirts, top of your waders at the BEGINNING of the season for an entire season of fishing. The product binds to the cloth and will still be there after 20 washings! Ticks, mosquitoes, deer flies, etc die on the spot when they come in contact of the treated clothing….no more bites through the shirt! Spray your clothing and let dry 24 hours outside and you can enjoy bug free pleasure on the stream while adding protection against Lyme disease. A five dollar can will do 3 shirts or so.

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John Gribb