2013 Water Monitoring Teams are now being formed. There are many openings as you can never have too many teammates collecting water samples and providing the data. Anticipated TEAM leaders are listed below: (If you know of others, please add them, thanks) (If you want to join a team, add your name and contact the Team Leader to find out when they monitor.)

Andrew Aslesen - Lawrence Creek Team Members include: Andrew A
Joe Bach - Peterson Creek, Griffiths Creek and Little Wolf River Team Members include: Norm C, Dick S.
Bob Clarke - Adams County, Team Members: Bob, Bill and MJ,
Jim/Pat Daun - Embarrass River near Wittenberg. Team Members -Jim, Pat and Brian
Laura DeGolier - Upper Rock River, Fond du Lac County Julie H., Diane B.
Steve Deery - Little Roche Cri, Adams County, Team Members: Steve D.,

Rick Fahrenkrug - Peterson Creek (see Map) Team Members include: Bob J, Brad M, Greg M, Murph, Andy Palm
Eric Godfrey - Dakin Creek (see Map) Team Members include: Anne Marie G, David S.
John Gremmer - Waupaca River - Rose Farm Members include: Abby S, Bob G., Mike S. Tom Y, Vance L.
John Gremmer - Waupaca River - Riverside Park Team Members include: Dave B., Jan B., Nancy R,

Bob Haase - Wedde and Mecan (see Map) Team Members include: Jim H., Jack T., Dick .P.
Judy Hart - Killsnake River, Calumet Cty - Team Members: John H. Judy H.
Ed Hudak - Twin Creek, Marinette County - Team Members: Ed and Andrew
Tom Kleczka - Weywauwega Waupaca River - Tom, Kathy L, Mary Sue, Andrew L, John G, Bob G.
Bob and Deb Jozwowski - Bird Creek, West Branch White, Willow (see Map) Jan M, Frank and Lynne D

Rich Mlodzik - Mecan River (see Map) Team Members include: Emma K., Dawn P., Larry H., Dave J., Eric S.
Tracy Moran - Radley Creek (see Map) Team Members include: Bill Z., Paul S., Shawn S., Leonard P.
Ron Neuman: Pine River (3) Jim R, Bob S, Mike S, Jeff W.
Chris Northway - Willow Creek (see Map) Team Members include: Dave J, Dave E., Eugene H., P.J. L., Chris P.
Phil Peterson: Waters of Waupaca County - Emmons Cr. Members include: Brandon B., Devon F., Kiera M.,Drew S
Phil Peterson: Hartman Creek - Paul and Eileen G., Tyler P, Jacob R.

Allan Saunders - Sucker Creek (see Map) Team Members include: Allan, John G and Bob G.
Eric Schoebel - Parsons Creek (see Map) Team Members include Jason S, Don P, Betty B, George B., Don and Judy P.
Dave Seligman - White River (see Map) Team Members include: Linn B,, Al H., Chris N., Eric K. Dawn P, Bob B.
J. Tucker - Pine River (see Map) Team Members include: Bud M, Dale B, Gene R., Roger S.,Dick S.
John Tucker - Pine River (see Map) Team Members include: Joe A., Bill S., Paul S

Bill and Mary Jo Vance- Tagatz Creek and Upper Chafee - Waushara/Adams County Area. Team Members: Cindy H, Steve H.