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2013 Agenda Items

Our “Organizational Team” now consists of John Gremmer, Phil Petersen, Bob Smaglik, Rick Fahrenkrug, Mike Shaefers, Lynne Dreuke, Jeff Wegand.

I. 2013 Scope of Work

1. Collaboration is "the word." We will work more closely with the DNR. We're looking to work with area schools to help teach about area streams and our groundwater and help some schools set up water monitoring teams. Are there college students who would like to do this? We could contact the Sierra Club, Audubon clubs, and other environmental groups to see if they are interested in monitoring and protecting our area's water. JG

Focus -- Level One -- Discussion Points: 1. We want people to monitor the WAV six factors (temperature, flow, Oxygen, turbidity, habitat, and biotic index) but if people want to do more----we should encourage and enable them. 2. keep it meaningful, fun, and rewarding. 3. We have some ideas on how to make next year's final report even better.

Group Communication -- We improved communication last year---but we can ratchet things up a bit more for next year?

Updates to WIKI

We need to get people to use this wiki more.
Pictures of your Stream and Biotic Index -- how big is the computer? What size jpegs, are there limitiations?

II. 2013 Water-Monitoring Teams-- Discussion

Please consider asking a friend or two to join us for the 2013 Monitoring Season. The "more the merrier!" ON THE LEFT are TABs Click on Members

---Anticipated Changes for Teams--List Of Names

Who Attended Initial Training, # of Stream Monitorings,
1. Past Leaders

2. Present Leaders (Please list YOUR FIRST NAME and Last Initial only.)


3. New Leaders (Please list YOUR FIRST NAME only -- you will be contacted shortly)


4. School Teams - We're looking to establish six more monitoring teams and hopefully two are from area schools.Wautoma, Waupaca, Wild Rose, Fond du Lac, Menasha, or Neehan High Schools would be great. Who has contacts with any of these and could help us get started? JG.


2013 Water-Monitoring Data -- Who will approve Team Leader Data? John Gremmer

What data are you interested in tracking for this year? Discussion

1. Present Data = We need to communicate to everyone how important it is for each team to monitor each month and then to post the data in a timely fashion.

2. New Data = Manage database by outputting trends and descriptive statistics automatically - Information Systems Admin? Tera?
Approvals & understanding characteristics of their streams
Query (Toward Definable Standards for Reports)
3. Design for Comment Section Parameters/Pull downs

2013 - Equipment Needs - What changes or updates to equipment are needed? Discussion.

Data Collection Methods:
2. Manual Test Kits - Hands On
3. Hand Helds - Instrumentation and Calibration
4. Verifying results for data with UW FV lab? or with multiple tools?
4. Are Replacements for Chemicals Needed?
List First Name if you need chemicals/kits

2013 Who will acquire, organize and store group equipment? Discussion.
1. Costs/ Expense
2. Borrowing / Care
3. What equipment was used in what year and error with the equipment?

2013 Participation Awards. Expectations. Discussion
What do people want?
What do people not want?

Group Business Cards for dispersing among Team Members
2. Central Wisconsin TU website
3. Consistent identification
4. Team Leader Caps
6. Coffee cups

2013 Training: (Discussion)
We need to get monitors to attend two meetings next year. One in the Spring and the other in November like we had this year. This builds community and commitment. JG

Dates are set: Leader Training April 22th at Fin & Feather, Winneconne, 6:30 PM? Check Time.
All Training April 27, Riverside Park, East of Hospital, Hwy 54,10 am

Who wants to help?

John Gremmer, Waupaca River Team