2013 Central Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited --- River Keepers Goals

1. Establish the fact that although we water monitor, we are really “River Keepers”. This goes along with Trout Unlimited’s mission of protecting, conserving, and enhancing cold water resources. CWTU water monitors will now be called “River Keepers”. River Keepers need not be affiliated with TU.
2. Establish a list of last year’s participants and maintain and update the list through time.
3. Establish and update an e-mail list of “River Keepers” and communicate with them at least once a month.
4. Provide a “River Keeper/Water Monitor” article in every issue of the “Brookie News”.
5. Maintain and enhance the “River Keeper/Water Monitoring” page on the www.cwtu.org web site.
6. Provide a yearly training session for all participants.
7. Continue to be part of the Water Action Volunteer (WAV) program.
8. Create and maintain an exact inventory of equipment and maintain it.
9. Encourage monitors to include community members and especially youth in their monthly monitoring sessions.
10. Prepare a comprehensive year-end report on all teams, showing all the data they collected and a written summary by the team leader. Create this in terms of a multi-page handout that can be shared with the CWTU Board and other interested parties.
11. Expand the number of active teams from the current eighteen..
12. Expand the “River Keeper/Water Monitor” leadership group from two (John G. and Rick F.) to four or five.
13. Promote getting more stream-side stories and pictures from All Teams for inclusion in CWTU.ORG news.